Isn’t that beautiful? It comes bundled with Monster Hunter G for the Wii.


The info comes courtesy of Inside-Games, and is for all you Monster Hunter fans who were planning to import the Japanese Wii port of Monster Hunter G. The game + controller bundle will cost ¥5240 ($59), while the game alone will cost ¥3990 ($45) – the same price as Resident Evil 0 and the Resident Evil remake on Wii. Monster Hunter G appears to have a fee since the article mentions using Wii Points for online play although a price was not specified.


If you’ve already played the game on PS2 and need a little more incentive to pick it up a second time, the Wii port will also include a demo of Monster Hunter Tri, which looks absolutely gorgeous.


The story also says that the Wii version of Monster Hunter G will be extended in length. For a more in-depth look at what the port features, look here and here.


Unfortunately, Capcom hasn’t announced a U.S. or Europe release for Monster Hunter G at this time.
Image courtesy of Inside-Games.


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