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Monster Hunter Generations December DLC Pack Brings Street Fighter Felyne Armor Sets



December has arrived and with it a new batch of free DLC from Capcom for Monster Hunter Generations. This month, you can snag Street Fighter-inspired armor sets for your Felynes, as well as some gear sets designed by Square Enix’s Tetsuya Nomura.


Here’s a list of this month’s items along with which quests to complete in order to obtain them.


Regular Quests:



Quest: The Voracious King

Objective: Hunt a Hyper Deviljho

Rewards: Wing of Judgment, Rage set/Anat Set



Quest: The Steel Vanguard

Objective: Slay a Kushala Daora

Rewards: F Purrity Set


Quest: Dengeki: Turbulent Seas

Objective: Hunt a Hyper Lagiacrus

Rewards: Raikou Works

Light Works

Volt Works

Inazuma Works

Thunder Works

Blitz Works



Quest: Capcom: The Ruler’s Rage

Objective: Slay an Akantor

Rewards: G Blade


Prowler Quests:




Quest: SF: Ultimate Entrance Exam

Objective: Hunt a Volvidon and a Great Maccao

Rewards: F Chun-Li Set, F Blanka Set


To see the entire list of free DLC for this month, you can head over to Capcom’s official blog.


Monster Hunter Generations is available for the Nintendo 3DS.