MonHan Nikki Mobile Airu Mura In 2006, Capcom launched their first Monster Hunter game for mobile phones. While the 2006 title was strictly a single player experience, their upcoming MonHan Nikki Mobile Airu Mura is the exact opposite: a social game.


MonHan Nikki Mobile Airu Mura is another spin-off title starring the series’ Felyne mascots. According to Capcom, “In addition to enjoying item collecting and changing your Airu’s clothes in a peaceful village setting, this all-new Monster Hunter game will feature the phenomenally popular multiplayer cooperative action that fans of the series all over the world have come to know and love in a new social gaming package.”


Capcom also make mention of the fact that Airu Mura is going to be easier for newcomers to adjust to, and is meant to attract new fans to the franchise. The game is currently scheduled for a release this August on DeNA’s “Mobage-town” platform.


Airu Mura will be free-to-play with additional content you can pay for.


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