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Monster Hunter Introduces Its Eau De Rathalos And Zinogre Colognes



We’ve seen a variety of Monster Hunter products hit the market thus far, but these ones will leave you smelling like a spicy suave Rathalos or a radically fresh Zinogre. Famitsu shares a look at Monster Hunter’s first line of colognes.


The product is part of a collaboration between Monster Hunter and the Capcom Cafe. The two colognes will be available in limited quantities of 300 units for each one. Here’s a look at the colognes:



Price: 4,200 yen

Release: December 23, 2015



Bursting with energy and a refreshing shot, this cologne represents the expression of vivid blue light of Zinogre’s attacks with metallic citrus.



Price: 4,200 yen

Release: January 23, 2016



Based on the personality and scorching flames of the King of the Skies, Rathalos, with the scent of geranium and lavender, this cologne carries the charm of Rathalos with his vigor and sense of presence.

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