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Monster Hunter Has Never Had Knights In Shining Armor… Until Now


Capcom recently announced that a new and improved version of their real-life Monster Hunter exhibit at Universal Studios Japan will be coming next year. It turns out, Monster Hunter 4 will also be joining in the fun via a collaboration, as Capcom have revealed a Universal Studios-themed equipment set for Hunters and Felynes.


The “Star Rook” series will come with a set of gear for the Hunters, that comes with a Universal Studios-themed Charge Axe. Felynes will also have their share, with the “Star Cat” series equipment, that gives them a neat top hat and weapon.



Unlike other special items, this set can only be made by gathering materials from exclusive quests. The quest for the Charge Axe and Star Cat gear will run from February 1 until March 22; Star Rook gear from March 23 to May 11; and the limited edition Guild Card (shown above) will be available to download from February 1 until May 11.

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