Monster Hunter Now Update Adds Barioth and Zinogre

Monster Hunter Now Update Adds Barioth and Zinogre
Image via Capcom and Niantic

Capcom and Niantic announced the first major Monster Hunter Now update, called Fulminations in the Frost, and confirmed it will add monsters like Barioth and Zinogre and the Dual Blades and Lance weapons. All of the new content is live in the game.

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With the two new Monster Hunter Now weapons, Director Chihiro Kanno explained why the Dual Blades and Lance were chosen. With the Lance, it was more of a balancing situation. It includes Guard and Offensive Guard skills, making it the second weapon in the game that can. With the Dual Blades, their inclusion was due to fan demand. Kanno also noted that it will bring Demon Mode with it. 

As for the new Monster Hunter Now monsters, the inclusion of characters like Barioth and Zinogre were designed to touch on both fan-favorites and wintry themes. Zinogre was the one that was in-demand. Barioth, Cortos, and Wulg were added to help add more “Winter” monsters. As such, they’ll be around between December and March months each year. Banbaro was also noted as a winter-themed character, but Kanno didn’t note if that one will also only appear in that four month “season” as well. Finally, Kanno noted Radobaan was included so the “sleep” status effect could be added.

The new update also adds a Hunt-a-Thon to Monster Hunter Now. This mode is the only way to find Zinogre. People will need to look for Wayspots with Dimensional Rifts, then go in alone or with up to three other Hunters. People will then face multiple monster encounters.

Here’s a teaser trailer showing the Monster Hunter Now Dual Blades, Lance, and Hunt-a-Thon.

In addition to the major features, some other additions and quality of life changes are available in the update or on the way. Special Quests featuring the new monsters added in Fulminations in the Frost will appear. We’ll also see larger Item Boxes, though that won’t happen until later in December 2023. 

Finally, Kanno went over the future of Monster Hunter Now. In Spring 2024 the next major update will arrive. More details about that update and a roadmap to show events and content coming will appear in January 2024. While no specific monsters or weapons were teased, the announcement did note there will be story quests and seasons on the way.

Monster Hunter Now is available for mobile devices, as is the Fulminations in the Frost major update.

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