Monster Hunter Online’s Base Of Operations Is Mi De La Village


While Monster Hunter Online isn’t developed by Capcom and is an online free-to-play game unlike the main Monster Hunter titles, it still shares a lot in common with the rest of the series. For example, like every Monster Hunter game, Monster Hunter Online has a village that acts as your centre of operations when you aren’t out on a hunt. This game’s village is Mi De La Village.


It’s Summer all year round in Mi De La. The village is located among mountains with optimal weather and abundant natural resources. However, inconvenient transportation makes it isolated from the rest of the world. Despite this, the village is something of a holy grail for monster hunters, due to its history. Several of the most recognized hunters were stationed at Mi De La for a long time at the start of the hunting culture. It has  now been turned into a training base for young hunters by the Hunters Guild, and is home to an actual training area.


Mi De La also has a lot of the other facilities you find in regular Monster Hunter games. There’s a restaurant which has existed in the village for eight generations, and portions served at the restaurant are generous. In addition to the restaurant, you have your smithy, run by an elderly Wyvernian lady. It is said that she has recovered hundreds of ancient weapon designs and and made countless hunting weapons. Weapons crafted by her are considered dream weapons by hunters.


Mi De La also has a watchtower that serves both as a defense tower and as a lab for researchers. Some erudite researchers even live here, and you can always find answers  to questions regarding Flying Wyverns or questions relating to the history of various continents.


New to Monster Hunter Online is a monster called the Caeserber, of the Primatius type. Caeserbers are said to have extremely sharp claws and live close to water sources where plant growth is abundant. While they’re herbivores, they’re also eager to fight, and will guard their territory fiercely should anyone trespass upon it. Caeserbers attack with their bodies and claws and are also capable of rolling and flinging rocks and dirt at enemies. Caeserber can even make pre-emptive attacks based on knowledge of their territory.


Ishaan Sahdev
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