Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Bosses Love To Put The Hurt On You

With all pre-order bonuses announced, bundles arranged, weapons revealed, and the initial demo release taken care of, Capcom are now focusing on what makes Monster Hunter Portable 3rd the game it is: the monsters. They’ve been releasing info on the game’s beastiary pretty consistently of late, and this week saw screenshots of a few more.

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Today’s post features another three bosses from the game.


Black Tigrex:


The Black Tigrex is another sub-species exclusive to Portable 3rd. Unlike the regular Tigrex which resides in cold regions (amongst others), this guy is more at home in volcanic environments. The Black Tigrex is known for its impressive roar, let out during its Back Thunder Dragon attack.

mhp3rd_black_tigrex_002 mhp3rd_black_tigrex_003




The Happuruboka lives and swims in the sand and uses its powerful jaws to crush prey. Since it has such large jaws, it often tends to swallow objects other than just its prey very often, like the sand. Because of this, its body has a special organ that allows it to expel sand and other foreign objects, and this, too, can be used as an attack.

mhp3rd_happuruboka_002 mhp3rd_happuruboka_003




Rangurotora is like Groudon from Pokémon mixed with Samus Aran. He has Groudon’s colour-palette, but he can also roll up into a ball and crush you. The Rangurotora has an extremely long tongue, which it can use like a frog, and also employs the use of poisons to paralyze its prey.

mhp3rd_rangurotora_002 mhp3rd_rangurotora_003

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