The last time we covered Monster Hunter Portable 3rd’s Yukumo Village, we caught a glimpse of your base of operations at the bathhouse and quest area where you recharge your hunter’s batteries and prepare for quests.


This time, let’s take a look at the Yukumo Farm, which, like past Monster Hunter games, allows you to grow crops, gather items, train Felynes, and also go fishing, which was a feature removed from the farm in Monster Hunter Tri.



Portable 3rd also features the return of mining for ore at the farm, which is far more convenient than it was in Tri, where all ore-gathering activity took place outside of town.



The standout feature of Yukumo Farm, however, is collaboration with Felynes. Felynes can assist you with all sorts of activities at Yukumo farm, such as catching insects, gathering honey and mushrooms, taking care of crops and so on.



They’ll even help you cook more meat in one go.


mhp3rd_felyne_def mhp3rd_felyne_atk

Felynes in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd can be trained to have their own unique stats and equipment as well. You can up their defense with some solid weight training, while chopping wood helps them raise their “Attack” stat. Felynes can also be taught different skill combinations to make each one unique.



Completing quests allows you to build up Yukumo Points. These points can be used to expand your farm further.


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