Monster Hunter Riders Hitches a Ride Onto Smartphones in February 2020


Capcom has released a new short trailer for Monster Hunter Riders, a spin-off, free-to-play smartphone RPG that will launch in Japan in February 2020. The trailer showed off the main story and Rider Stories, which form the core elements of the game. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

The Story Quests will involve the player becoming the leader of the Special Expedition Squad and journeying around the continent of Felgia, where strange occurrences have popped up across the lands. However, what the protagonist finds is a shocking truth no one could’ve expected.

Meanwhile, Rider Stories will focus around side characters who won’t be a focus on the main story.

The official site also gives new information on some of the game’s locations, as well as some of the monsters present in the game.



A neutral city situated in the middle of Felgia, which coordinates matters with the other five cities. The council building where the Six Cities Conference takes place is situated here, alongside the Riders’ Guild headquarters. Currently, Hilda is the governor and acting guild leader of the Guild, and she employs a vigilante group of Riders to watch over the city. As the place of trade with the various cities, it has the richest history of the six cities.

El te Una

A famous city that’s nicknamed the City of Water, situated in the southwestern part of Felgia. Like its nickname, most of the city is around sea level, with canals snaking across town. The head of the Una family, descendants of one of the Ten Great Dragon Knights, acts as governor of the city, while the other noble family heads manage the city. However, 10 years ago during the ‘Great Una Purge’,  around half of the noble families had their special rights taken from them, and it’s said that hostilities remain to this day, lurking just below the surface.









Yian Garuga


Monster Hunter Riders will release in Japan in February 2020 for iOS and Android devices as a free-to-play title. Pre-registration is now available for both iOS and Android.

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