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Monster Hunter Rise Concept Art Offers a Closer Look at the Magnamalo

Magnamalo Concept Art

The official Monster Hunter Twitter has shared Monster Hunter Rise concept art of the Magnamalo, the game’s flagship monster. This includes full body concept art and a close up of the Magnamalo’s ferocious face.

The Magnamalo is one of a handful of new monsters that will be making their way into Monster Hunter Rise. Other additions include the Great Izuchi, Aknosom, and the Tetranadon. Initially, only a render was released through the official Monster Hunter Rise website alongside the reveal of the Magnamalo.

You can take a look at the Monster Hunter Rise concept art below.

The Magnamalo was initially revealed during the announcement trailer for Monster Hunter Rise, and this concept art provides a closer look at its development. Other information that had been shared since the reveal of Rise included a better look at the new player hub, Kamura Village. Screenshots were also shared of the Shrine Ruins, a mysterious new region where players will be able to encounter ferocious new enemies.

Additionally, Monster Hunter Rise will be part of Capcom’s Tokyo Game Show 2020 line-up. The streams will also be available in English, as well as Japanese.

Monster Hunter Rise is in development for the Nintendo Switch and will launch on March 26, 2021. Pre-orders are currently available, and pre-order bonuses include layered armor.

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