Monster Hunter Rise Free Character Edit Voucher

Monster Hunter Rise Free Character Edit Voucher Now Available

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With the release of the Version 2.0 update, players can now obtain a free Character Edit Voucher in Monster Hunter Rise. Capcom is distributing this voucher entirely for free to commemorate the release of the new Free Title Update. However, accessing the Character Edit Voucher requires a little more effort on the player’s part to obtain.

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To receive the free Monster Hunter Rise Character Edit Voucher, players will need to head over to the Courier located in the Steelworks just in front of Elder Fugen. You will then need to navigate to the Nintendo eShop through the Courier and scroll through the list of available downloadable content to find your voucher. Only one voucher will be distributed for free with this update, and players will only be able to change their appearance. There is currently no way to change the name of your character or your Palico or Palamute at this time.

Additionally, Capcom has distributed a Kamura Pack 2: Big Hit Celebration item pack to all players. This item pack contains the following:

  • Mega Potion x30
  • Well-done Steak x30
  • Large Barrel Bomb x10
  • Mega Demondrug x5
  • Mega Armorskin x5

These items are also available to obtain entirely for free through the Courier. Capcom has released a second set of paid DLC which comes with gestures, haircuts, stickers, and even new voices for your hunter. Players can also purchase additional Character Edit Vouchers for Monster Hunter Rise through the Nintendo eShop.

Monster Hunter Rise is immediately available for Nintendo Switch.

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