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Latest Monster Hunter Rise Event Quest Lets Hunters Craft Black Leather Pants

Monster Hunter Rise Leather Pants

Capcom has added a new event quest to Monster Hunter Rise that rewards players with the ability to craft Black Leather Pants at the blacksmith. The event quest pits players against a high-rank Almudron in the Sandy Plains and is currently available via Senri the Mailman.

The quest, titled “Alumudron: Fashion Victim,” is the standard high-rank quest where players hunt an Almudron in the field. According to the description, Rondine the Trader showed Hamon the Blacksmith a “pair of tight pants from some far-off country,” which he offers to craft for the hunter. Players over HR8 can participate in the quest and, upon completion, will receive three Wild Dark Leather.

This new crafting material can be used to create Black Leather leg armor and layered leg armor. The leg armor will provide players with two levels of Wirebug Whisperer, and also includes a level-3 decoration slot. Additionally, both sets will require at least four Wild Dark Leather parts to craft. So, hunters will have to participate in the quest at least two times.

As with other event quests, users can download the new quest via Senri the Mailman in the Steelworks area of Kamura Village. The quest will be available to download through the “Add-on Content” menu. From there, players must go to Minoto in the Gathering Hub and checking the High-Rank Event Quests. Players will unlock the ability to craft the leather pants after completing the quest.

You can get a better look at the quest details and Black Leather Pants in the screenshots below:

Monster Hunter Rise is immediately available on the Nintendo Switch, as is the new Black Leather Pants event quest. Previously, Capcom added new ninja-themed guild titles through event quests. With the recent update, it also added new cosmetic DLC such as masks, yukata, and skins for the Palico and Palamute.


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