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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Buff Body Armor Quest Is Now Live

Buff Body Armor in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.
Image via Capcom.

Capcom just released a new Event Quest for Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, and it will let you acquire the Buff Body layered armor. As the name suggests, this armor will showcase your hunter’s muscles. It almost makes our characters appear to be in swimwear. In addition, another quest to face a crown-sized monster and get is also live.

Check out the announcement for the new event quests available for Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak here below.

The name of the event quest to get the Buff Body armor in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is “Hazard: Buffoon’s Buff Baboon Swoon.” You will need to claim it via the Courier and complete it by talking to the attendant at the Quest Counter. This challenge will put you against a gold-crown hazard Rajang in the Infernal Springs. However, you must be Master Rank (MR) 10 or higher to accept the quest.

Each successful encounter against the event’s Rajang will reward you with Buff Badges needed to craft the layered armor. You will need at least four of these badges to craft the full set. The Buff Body armor will be available as a craftable set by talking to the Smithy, selecting the “Forge Layered Armor” option, and heading to the Special segment.

In addition, the other new event quest available is called “A Fire to Jyuratodouse.” It will place players against a crown-sized Jyuratodus. The rewards for completing this quest will be jewels, which in turn can be used to customize and power up the hunter’s gear.

It’s worth remembering, Capcom released the Free Title Update 5 on April 20, 2023, introducing Amatsu and the Risen Shagaru Magala to the game. Another bonus update is also planned for June 2023.

You can play Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak right now on the Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC. Both the “Hazard: Buffoon’s Buff Baboon Swoon” and the “A Fire to Jyuratodouse” event quests are immediately available on Switch and PC.

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