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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Dango Video Shows Hopping Skewers

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Dango Video Shows Hopping Skewers

There’s a new Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak video focusing on Dango skewers. It shows off a new feature. In the expansion, people will be able to switch and use a Hopping Skewer. This will both offer a chance to change the skill level of the Dango you pick, at the cost of potentially negatively affecting Activation Chances.

As a reminder, Monster Hunter Rise introduced Dango, which people can eat before a hunt for perks, and they return in Sunbreak. Like with the full game, you’ll pick three unlocked types for your meal. You get more flavors via completing quests or increasing your Gathering Hub or Village rank. Each one’s skill has an Activation Chance, which can be increased with a Dango Ticket.

With the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Hopping Skewers, Dango skills and Activation Chances can change. Two will see their skills’ level improved. However, this decreases their Activation Chance. One’s skill level will go down. However, in doing so the Activation Chance will go up. In the sample video, the Dango Bulker skill level goes up by two and Dango Booster’s skill level goes up by one. However, their Activation Chances drop by 20% and 10% respectively as a result. The Dango Slugger in that skewer’s skill goes down by one level, but its Activation Chance increases from 50% to 60%.

Monster Hunter Rise is available for the Nintendo Switch and PC. Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak will release for PC and Nintendo Switch on June 30, 2022.

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