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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Magnamalo Event Quest Adds Special Armor

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - Animose Crossing Event Quest
Image via Monster Hunter Twitter.

Two new event quests are coming to Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak and this time one of them will make you face a pair of Magnamalos to get a special layered armor. In addition, players can test their might fighting against a Flaming Espinas and get special titles. Both quests are available on the Switch and PC via Steam.

Check out the new event quests announcement from the Monster Hunter Twitter account below:

The first new event quest in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is “Animose Crossing,” adding in an “Animal Crossing pun. In this Dual Threat one, you will need to fight against two Scorned Magnamalo in the Forlorn Arena. Defeating them will reward you with the Heavenly Silk crafting item. You can then head to the Smithy to craft the new “Bloodmalice” layered armor set that uses it.

This armor set features a design reminiscent of the Magnamalo, as there are certain details such as claw-shaped boots and gauntlets. It should be noted that this is not the same Sinister Seal layered armor that’s unlocked using the Magnamalo amiibo, as it has a completely different design.

As for the new Hazard quest, it is called “Legendary Strike.” It will make you fight a Flaming Espinas in the Forlorn Arena. Incidentally, both the Dual Threat and Hazard quests will require you to be Master Rank 10 or higher in order to accept them.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is readily available on the Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC. The “Animose Crossing” and “Legendary Strike” event quests are already available for the Switch and PC versions.

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