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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak New Videos Show the First Three Weapons

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - Switch Axe

Capcom has published the first three weapon videos for Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. At the May 2022 Digital Event, the company promised to share in-depth videos showcasing new actions for each weapon starting from May 16, 2022. The first day saw new videos dedicated to Sword & Shield, Switch Axe, and Heavy Bowgun.

Sword & Shield will have a new Silkbind move called Destroyer Oil. The Hunter will apply a special ointment that makes the attacks more likely to flinch monsters. Destroyer Oil will have the same button input as Metsu Shoryugeki, but the Hunter will be able to use both moves with the new Switch Skill Swap system.

The Switch Axe will get Elemental Burst Counter as its new Silkbind Attack. It will use the Switch Gauge inherent to the weapon. The new Silkbind Attack will have the same button input as Switch Charger. The Switch Skill Swap will allow the Hunter to toggle between the regular Finishing Discharge and its Compressed version.

The Heavy Bowgun will newly have Setting Sun, where a Wirebug spins to form a ring. When the Hunter fires a multi-hit bullet through this ring, it will land even more hits on the monster. The Switch Skill segment also revealed Crouching Shot as a new alternative to Charged Shot. The Hunter will shoot multiple times with a gradually reducing interval between shots while crouching.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak will be available for Nintendo Switch and PC on June 30, 2022.

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