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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak’s The Citadel Features Castle Ruins

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak The Citadel first images

Capcom shared images of the new locale that will appear in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak known as The Citadel. These screenshots show The Citadel in several different kinds of weather. These include a more picturesque sunny environment, what appears to be a blisteringly cold glacier, and the area at night. This area was originally revealed through the announcement trailer for Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. The Citadel as it appears at night was showcased alongside the Malzeno in that trailer.

You can take a look at The Citadel below.

A first-hand look at The Citadel and how it will appear in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak was shown during a Monster Hunter Digital Event. This included a look at gameplay and Elgado, the new player hub. Players will meet a handful of new NPCs at the player hub and interact with them throughout the course of the Sunbreak expansion.

Additionally, the previously revealed characters Paz and Selva will appear in the expansion. Consumers can also purchase voice pack DLC for the individual characters. This will allow them to use their voices for their own hunter in the game.

Monster Hunter Rise is available for the Nintendo Switch and PC. Demos are available for both platforms. Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak will release on June 30, 2022. A Digital Deluxe Edition is available to pre-order.

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