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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Upgrade Materials Quality of Life Update Confirmed

Monster Hunter Rise Upgrade Materials

Capcom announced a quality of life update concerning upgrade materials will appear in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak alongside the scheduled Free Title Update 3. This feature will allow players to obtain free upgrade materials in exchange for leftover upgrade points. These points are obtained by upgrading your armor through Qurious Crafting at your local Smithy. Capcom shared a screenshot accompanying the announcement, showing how the quality of life update will function.

You can take a look at the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak upgrade materials quality of life update screenshot below.

Capcom rolled out quite a few Free Title Updates in the past. These included updates for previous installments in the series, like Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. Free Title Updates can involve things like the addition of returning monsters to the roster of the game, along with outfits and special events.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak will be receiving quite a bit of new content through Free Title Update 3. Among the new features will be the addition of new follower options. Balance changes will also be accompanying this update, alongside Qurious Crafting options for the Gunlance.

Monster Hunter Rise and its Sunbreak expansion are immediately available on the Nintendo Switch and PC. The Free Title Update 3 will appear sometime in late November 2022.

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