Monster Hunter Spirits Shows Hunters Teaming Up With Monsters On Arcade



Capcom and Marvelous are collaborating on Monster Hunter Spirits, an arcade card game that aims to expand Monster Hunter’s appeal. The latest trailer for the game shows us a glimpse of what it looks like.


As previously reported, Monster Hunter Spirits is different from past titles, as Hunters and monsters will team up together as part of a “tag hunting action” game, and as you can see in the trailer, the Hunter teams up with a Rathalos for all kinds of different moves.


The “amusement card game” machine has a built-in printer that lets you make your own unique monster cards. It’s also worth noting that the cartoony style has a bit of a  Monster Hunter Stories vibe to it, which will also have Hunters team up with monsters.


Monster Hunter Spirits will launch on arcades in Japan on June 25, 2015.

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