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Monster Hunter Stories’ Update Gives Tower Of Illusion Two New Challenges



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The Tower of Illusion is a massive post-game challenge area in Monster Hunter Stories, where players can test their monsters’ mettle against the strong creatures that lie within. The Tower is being updated as part of the third wave of updates for the Japanese version of the game, which adds a new set of challenges.


Tower of Memories:

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mhs 5 mhs 6


A new door opens in the Tower of Memories, that allow you to challenge every boss from the main quest and sidequests in a row.






Twinpeak Tower:

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mhs 9 mhs 10


The new Riders that appear in the latest arc of the Monster Hunter Stories RIDE ON anime, the Black Riders, appear in this tower to challenge your character. Players will receive two extra quests (Battle Item Exchange, and The Mysterious Egg) as part of the DLC that will give players rewards that can  help with the challenges.






Monster Hunter Stories is currently available for Nintendo 3DS.

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