Following Monster Hunter tradition, Capcom are releasing what sounds like an updated version of Monster Hunter Tri, originally developed for the Wii, on the Nintendo 3DS.


The report comes by way of Famitsu magazine as reported by Game Jouhou.


So far, only the presence of local wireless cooperative in Monster Hunter 3G has been confirmed. The game will have 12 categories of weapons and water areas from Tri will return.


Update: More details are coming in. The game will take advantage of the Nintendo 3DS bottom screen. When you touch the screen, you will automatically turn in the direction of a monster.


While new areas for the game haven’t been confirmed yet, the amount of content upgraded will be enormous; or rather, the amount expected of a “G” upgrade. The light and heavy bowgun will be streamlined, although I’m not certain what this means. 


Water, as mentioned above, will return, but will control slightly differently. The game’s mascot monster will reportedly be “Black Dios”. Monster Hunter 3G is slated for release in late 2011.


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