The Monster Hunter: World Directors On Why The Game Is Not On Nintendo Switch, And More

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Recently, Monster Hunter: World directors Kaname Fujioka and Yuya Tokuda sat down for an interview about the game, including questions on the Aloy collaboration DLC, and why the game is not on Nintendo Switch. [Thanks, IGN]


Here are the highlights:

  • The reason why voice acting was included was so that players could listen to the characters giving information instead of having to stop. They believe that first time players will pick up the basics more easily if advice is given in real time.


  • Bowgun controls were difficult to understand in the past, and so have been streamlined to something similar to modern triple-A shooter norms.


  • Their aim in development was not to take away options but instead add options for new players. For example, running is done with R1 in most Monster Hunter games, but clicking in the left stick will make the hunter run, similar to shooting games. However, R1 is still an available option.




  • Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto usually approaches other companies for collabs, and Horizon Zero Dawn was no exception. Guerrilla Games was very positive on the collaboration as Monster Hunter was one of the inspirations, so it turned out very successful.


  • Their dream collaboration would be Arsus from World of Warcraft, and the Lich King from The Wrath of the Lich King, because they like the characters. More realistically though, adding monsters from other games is not an option at the moment.


  • Fujioka and Tokuda have no plans for the Switch at the moment, as the game was in development for four years. They decided to commit to the most powerful consoles, which were the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, before the Nintendo Switch was even announced. They also look at the game concept and where it would be best realized, and for Monster Hunter: World, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 fit the best.


Monster Hunter: World releases on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on this Friday, January 26, 2018. The PC version arrives in Fall 2018. Previously, we reported on the game’s announced Day 1 patch contents.

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