Capcom hosts various Monster Hunter tournaments in Japan and we’re getting a taste in the West with a Monster Hunter: World E3 2018 Time Attack Tournament at this year’s gaming expo.


At E3 2018 Capcom will host two separate Monster Hunter: World E3 2018 Time Attack Tournament sessions:

  • Tuesday, June 12th from 2:30pm to 5pm (Pacific Time)
  • Wednesday, June 13th from 2:30pm to 5pm (Pacific Time)


These will have players compete in two Challenge Quests, “The Awakened Satsui no Hado I” and “Empress in Full Bloom I” featuring the Street Fighter V characters Ryu and Sakura. Each day will feature one of the quests, and all teams participating that day will be taking on the same quest. Players will get time to configure controllers before the start of each quest, but will only have one chance at completing the quests.


Fans at home will get to check out all the action via Capcom’s live streaming channels on Twitch and Facebook.



After all teams have completed their quests, the team with the fastest completion time will emerge as the winner.



As for prizes, all tournament participants (12 each day) will receive a Nergigante statue, the same ones that came in the Monster Hunter: World Collector’s Edition. There will also be some raffles during the event for everyone to participate. As for the winners of the tournament (2 per day) will walk home with a custom trophy made specifically for the occasion along with the title of “Monster Hunter: World E3 2018 Time Attack Champion” for ultimate bragging rights.


Both “The Awakened Satsui no Hado I” and “Empress in Full Bloom I” Challenge Quests are live right now on Monster Hunter: World, so those of you looking to participate in the big tournament at E3 2018 can begin practicing now. You can check out our previous report for a look at the updated Event Quest Schedule and the latest freebies for all Hunters.

Monster Hunter: World
is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The PC version releases in Fall 2018.

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