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At Gamescom, Capcom’s Monster Hunter World: Iceborne producers sat down for an interview where they discussed monsters yet unannounced, whether MHF monsters might be incorporated, and more. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]


Here are the highlights below:

You’ve announced a second collaboration with Horizon Zero Dawn. Was the ice area theme just a coincidence?

Kaname Fujioka, director: “It’s a concidence. (laugh) When we were conceptualizing Iceborne, they still hadn’t announced Horizon’s update. Around the time we decided on the ice theme, they announced it.”


Has Tsujimoto-san’s favorite monster been announced yet?

Ryozo Tsujimoto, producer: “Not yet. (laughs) In our current plan, there will be some monsters that won’t have been announced by the time of release. To add to that, I do feel that it detracts from the hype to announce everything players are looking forward to. On the other hand, there will be monsters announced between today and the release day.”


Monster Hunter Frontier Z will end service this year. Are there any plans for other monsters from the game like Volganos to join Monster Hunter World: Iceborne?

Tsujimoto: “We’re choosing monsters which fit MHW’s worldview, so in that sense it’s not like that’s not in the cards at all. It’s just that there’s also the game engine to consider, and there are parts that are hard to use.”


Fujioka: “Frontier monsters have been designed for the game’s unique world, and so the concepts are quite different. As such, it’s hard to imagine them with their current design being added immediately. If we were to do it, we’d likely reexamine the concept behind the monster.

As for Volganos, as the console game team had a hand in the development of the monster, it was easier to bring in, and so it was added to MHW. It’s the same deal regarding Hypnocatrice’s concept.”


Monster Hunter World: Iceborne releases for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 6, 2019. The game releases for PC in January 2020. Check our previous report for Yian Garuga’s glorious return.

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