Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Shows Off New Research Centre Seliana, And Its Top Brass

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Further to the story trailer that was released yesterday, Capcom has updated the official website of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne so that players can now find out more about the new hub of Seliana that players return to after every quest.


Major Seliana Facilities

seliana 1

seliana 2

seliana 3 seliana 4

Like Astera, new base Seliana will have basic functionalities such as the Smithy, Ecological Research Center, Resource Centre, and more.


seliana 5

Your Housekeeper has also set up a little booth outside your room, so you can more easily access facilities like the Tailraider Safari.


seliana 6

Palico equipment is now also manageable next to the item box, so players can change player and Palico equipment at once.


The Steamworks

seliana 7

seliana 8

A new facility powered by fuel (points) to activate. It’s a new minigame that earns players items based on how close to the correct answer they are during a button sequence guessing minigame.


The Heads of Seliana

Provisions Manager

seliana 9 2

No other member of the Commission comes close to her management skill, especially when it comes to her role of overseeing the flow of all base provisions at the Resource Center.

Not known to hold attachments, she was quick to leave Astera as soon as she heard word of the newly discovered Hinterlands. She now manages the Resource Center in Seliana.



Analytics Director

seliana 10 2

Well-studied in a variety of different fields, the Analytics Director is a genius scholar who is sometimes also known to be a bit of an oddball.

He oversees every facet of research. Because of his research responsibilities, as well as his vital role as liaison with the Guild, he was deemed indispensable for management within Astera, where he somewhat grudgingly stays behind to manage the Resource Center.


Tech Chief

seliana 11 2


The Tech Chief is a technician from the First Fleet, and one of the main architects responsible for building Astera from the ground up. A top-class tech expert known to dabble with bizarre inventions. Considered essential to the establishment of the new base, he accepted his new assignment on the pretense that it would keep him busy. His focus, however, seems to be on secretly planning something exciting for the new base.



Grammeowster Chef

seliana 12 2

Formerly of the First Fleet, the Grammeowster Chef was also once the Meowscular Chef’s culinary mentor.

Though she had been taking a break from Commission work for a while, she returns to manage the Canteen in Seliana. Her specialty is dishing out piping-hot gratin dishes and thick, scrumptious stews. Her warm spirit and delicious food warm the hearts and minds of all who eat at her Canteen.


Monster Hunter World: Iceborne releases for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 6, 2019. It’ll arrive to PC via Steam in Winter 2019. Check out all the new moves for all the weapons in our previous article here.

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