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Monster Hunter X Has Sold Over 1.5 Million Units In Its First Two Days In Japan



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Monster Hunter X released in Japan on November 28th and Famitsu reports that the game has sold 1,542,104 units in its first two days of sale.


The report notes that the total of 1,542,104 units in the first two days are from physical copies, download cards, and the Monster Hunter X Special Pack, but it does not include the number of the Nintendo eShop, meaning that the actual figures are much higher, considering that the game has been seeing a shortage across Japan.


For comparison, Famitsu also mentions that Monster Hunter X’s sales at launch puts it in fourth place out of past major 3DS title launches, after Pokémon X and Y in first, Monster Hunter 4 in second,and Monster Hunter 4G (Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate) in third.


3DS hardware sales also got a big boost thanks to Monster Hunter X (with New 3DS, New 3DS LL, and 3DS LL) at 133,628 units sold in the past week, compared to 33,203 units the week prior.

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