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Monster Hunter X Screenshots Show Off More Of Its New Monster And Palicoes



Monster Hunter X is similar to Monster Hunter 4 as it runs the same engine, but with the addition of new flashy moves and abilities with the “Hunting Styles” and “Hunting Arts”. Capcom have shared some new screenshots for the upcoming title.




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The Brute Wyvern-type monster is one of the four main monsters for Monster Hunter X. It uses its enormous tail as a great sword to do massive damage to its opponents. It also has an explosive fire attribute to it, just to make matters worse.


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The Ancient Forest is one of the new maps. It has its own ecosystem and unexplored areas. This is also where you’ll find the Rimosetosu. They’re usually calm herbivores that use their long necks to eat fruits from trees.


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The Maccau are a new Bird Wyvern-type monster that show up at the Ancient Forest. They have characteristics red and green colors and powerful hind legs. They’ll also attack in packs.



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The Great Maccau are the alpha leaders of the pack, and are said to have unique movements that we’ve yet to see from past monsters. We can see it standing on its tail in one of the screenshots, to give you an idea.


Here’s a look at some of the past main monsters that will return in Monster Hunter X:



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The new town in Monster Hunter X is called Verna Village, where you’ll get to meet all kinds of different cats.


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The Palicoes in Monster Hunter X will have more useful support moves than ever. some of the new skills include the “Trampoline Skill,” which a trampoline on the field that can be used to perform jump attacks.


In addition to more abilities that provide buffs and effects to the party, they’ll also have some of their older moves like party heals and traps.


Here’s a look at its “Felyne Plaza”:



039 040

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There are all kinds of different Felyne NPCs that will be there to help out with raising Palicoes, training them, and more.


Monster Hunter X will release in Japan in Winter 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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