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Monster Hunter X Shows Off The Switch Axe And Charge Blade’s New Moves



Capcom’s previous set of videos was all about the Lance and Gunlance, and this time they share some love for the axe-users with some footage showing new moves from the Switch Axe and Charge Blade.


First is a look at the Switch Axe weapon that made its debut in Monster Hunter Tri. It starts out showing us its traditional controls and moves with the Guild Style, followed by a look at how it handles extra moves in the air with the Aerial Style.


The Switch Axe’s new Hunting Art ability is called “Translash” (as in trance + slash). It’s a powerful move that starts out with a combo of various hits, followed by a powerful charge blast attack to finish it off.


Next, is a look at the Charge Blade weapon that was introduced in Monster Hunter 4. Similar to the Switch Axe, it has the ability to switch between forms by going into its Sword Mode and its Axe Mode. Going Aerial Style will allow Charge Blade-users to jump up and land Axe Mode slashes from mid-air.


The Charge Blade’s Hunting Art skill is called “Energy Blade.” It’s a huge attack that uses up the stored energy in order in order to do massive damage to the monster. The more charges you have stored up, the more damage Energy Blade will do to the target.


Monster Hunter X will release in Japan on November 28, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS. You can also check out our earlier report to get a look at the Great Sword, Long Sword, Sword and Shield, Dual Blades, Hunting Horn, and Hammer in action.

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