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Monster Hunter X Will Be All About Hunting Maneuvers And Style



Capcom recently announced Monster Hunter X, an upcoming 3DS title that uses the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate engine and has flashy moves similar to the Frontier games. Since then, they’ve shared additional information on the game from the Monster Hunter Gathering 2015 event. (Thanks, 4Gamer)


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Monster Hunter X is being developed with the concept of having your very own hunt that comes from the two features of “Hunting Maneuvers X Hunting Style”.


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This time around, the main village of Monster Hunter X is called Verna Village. As you may have seen in the trailer, the game will also feature various villages from past Monster Hunter titles, including Yukumo Village from Monster Hunter Portable 3rd.



The new unknown lands will have new monsters in addition to creatures that are said to be from primeval times.



While most Monster Hunter games have one flagship monster on the covers, it looks like Monster Hunter X could possibly have four, as the ones shown in the above image are marked as the “four major main monsters”.


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The above is a look at a couple in-game screenshots of some of the new monsters that actually kind of look like dinosaurs, and a bit of the Verna Village.


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As you may have seen in the game’s trailer, Hunters will have access to new special moves and actions that look pretty flashy. Capcom say that these features will be the main attraction of Monster Hunter X.


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“Hunting Maneuvers” are special moves that range from being able to perform a powerful attack to a monster, to providing yourself with enhancements or buffs, and healing other nearby Hunters.


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“Hunting Style” is another feature that Monster Hunter X is adding to the game, that lets you turn moments of danger into stylish actions. This feature plays a big part in letting players Hunt with their very own style.


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Finally, above is another look at the four main monsters. Each one will have their own unique characteristics and habits, so they’ll be something worth studying for future Hunters of the game as more information becomes available.


Monster Hunter X will release in Japan in Winter 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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