Nintendo 3DS

Monster Hunter X’s Latest Video Shows Some Flashy Moves And New Monsters



Monster Hunter X is all about its flashiness with new move, unique playstyles, and its four main monsters. Here’s a look at all of the game’s main features in a short video from Capcom.


In addition to a peek at the four new Hunting Styles, which you check our earlier report for more details, we get to see the four main monsters like the recently revealed Gamut, a Fanged Beast that uses its powerful body and tusk to go after Hunters.


The video also shows us a glimpse at the Hororo-Horuru, a new Bird wyvern-type monster that uses its sharp claws to strike at enemies, and super sound wave attacks that it shoots like a laser. If you’re wondering who the guy is in the trailer, he’s the J-rocker Daigo, who is the main face we’ll see in the commercials for the upcoming title.


Monster Hunter X will release in Japan on November 28, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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