Monster Hunter X’s Nyanters May Be Weaker, But They Have A Lot Of Useful Features

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Monster Hunter X introduced a new “Nyanter Mode” that lets you play as Felyne Hunters. Capcom’s latest video on the game provides us with more details on what it’s like to be a Felyne in Monster Hunter X.


The Nyanters specialize in movement and various forms of support. You can switch into a Nyanter by selecting one of your Palico Felynes at anytime before accepting a quest. While in single player mode, you can go as a Nyanter and have your two Palicoes tag along as well.


Nyanters have their own exclusive quests, but they can play any quest a regular Hunter can. That said, you can tag up to make a party of four Nyanters with your friends.


Nyanters don’t have a stamina gauge, so they can run around forever. Their controls are the same as regular Hunters, and can also run around with their weapons unsheathed.


As a Nyanter, you can dig underground to avoid attacks when things get dangerous. They can do other similar actions as Hunters, such as gathering. In addition to being faster at it, they don’t need to carry around Pickaxes or Bug Nets, since they have their own that lasts forever.


As previously reported, there are two acorns on the top-left part of the screen that counts as a couple of extra lives for the Nyanter. Once they lose all Acorns and then get KO’d, it’ll count as a regular KO. The trailer ends with a look at all the various support actions you can do as a Nyanter, such as placing traps, using flutes, and the new Trampoline.


Monster Hunter X will release in Japan for the Nintendo 3DS on November 28, 2015.

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