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Monster Hunter XX Adds New Local Play Feature, Palico Customizing, And More



Capcom revealed a few new features they’re adding in Monster Hunter XX, the upgraded version of Monster Hunter Generations, in this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine. [Thanks, Hachima.]


The first feature they discuss is the “Hunter Call,” a new feature that allows players to turn on a Hunter Switch to scan for nearby players. If a player responds to the call, they’ll be thrown into your game to participate in a multiplayer session. This new feature makes it easy to play with friends and meet new people who might be playing nearby.


The next new feature is a customization option for Palico armor. This allows you to change colors of your Palico armor to anything you like, similar to how it works with Hunters and their equipment.


And finally, the last new feature is the “Horns Coin.” There’s a tavern called “Horns” where you accept G-rank quests in Monster Hunter XX. Clearing quests there will reward you with these coins. They can then be exchanged by talking to the tavern’s Sweetheart  for various items such as Raw Meat, Bowgun ammo, and other consumable items. You can even get armor upgrade items as well. The tavern will also allow you to change its BGM.


Monster Hunter XX releases on March 18, 2017 for Nintendo 3DS in Japan. In case you missed it, Fire Emblem and Ghost ‘n Goblins will be back with collaborations for the game.

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