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Monster Hunter XX Gets A Closer Look On Switch With New Screenshots


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Capcom recently announced Monster Hunter XX for Nintendo Switch, which will feature 1080p resolution to go with improved UI for the new console version. Here’s a closer look with new screenshots that just went up for the game on Amazon Japan.



As previously detailed, those with save data of Monster Hunter X (what Monster Hunter Generations is called in Japan) will get to carry over their save data from the Internet and play Monster Hunter XX on Switch. This is a one-way transfer with no way to bring the data back to the original game. However, if you have a 3DS version of Monster Hunter XX, you’ll get to transfer data between both versions at any time.


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Multiplayer will work in both online and offline local connection between Switch users. Both Switch and 3DS users will get to play together online.




Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch Version has 1080p resolution and is able to be played on docked and handheld modes. A Special Pack bundle will also be available in Japan featuring the game and Nintendo Switch console for 36,280 yen.




Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch Version releases in Japan on August 25, 2017.

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