Monster Hunter XX was just announced during Capcom’s Monster Hunter Direct presentation yesterday, and the game’s official Japanese site is now open. Monster Hunter XX is an upgraded version of Monster Hunter X (Monster Hunter Generations in the West) and will feature the addition of two new Hunting Styles: the Brave Style and another Style not yet announced.


Lots of new screenshots from the game have been released, showing off various monsters and locations, as well as a look at two 3DS themes that will be available with the game.



monster-hunter-xx-1 monster-hunter-xx-2

monster-hunter-xx-3 monster-hunter-xx-4

monster-hunter-xx-5 monster-hunter-xx-6

monster-hunter-xx-7 monster-hunter-xx-8

monster-hunter-xx-9 monster-hunter-xx-10

monster-hunter-xx-11 monster-hunter-xx-12

monster-hunter-xx-13 monster-hunter-xx-14

monster-hunter-xx-15 monster-hunter-xx-16

monster-hunter-xx-17 monster-hunter-xx-18

monster-hunter-xx-19 monster-hunter-xx-20

monster-hunter-xx-21 monster-hunter-xx-22

monster-hunter-xx-23 monster-hunter-xx-24

monster-hunter-xx-25 monster-hunter-xx-27

Monster Hunter XX will release in Japan on March 18th, 2017 for the Nintendo 3DS.


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