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Monster Hunter XX’s New Brave Style Sounds Like Fun Times For Attack-Happy Hunters



Capcom recently announced Monster Hunter XX, a “G” version of Monster Hunter Generations. This week’s issue of Famitsu magazine provides details on the new Brave Style, and more. [Thanks, Hachima.]


Brave Style is an offense-focused Hunting Style that relies on continuously hitting monsters for its full effect. While they can only equip one Hunting Art, they make up for it with their “Brave Gauge” that fills up by parrying attacks from monsters. When this meter fills up all the way, the Hunter enters a “Brave State.”


While in Brave State, you’ll see an increase in evasive maneuvers for certain weapons, and you’ll also have access to powerful combo and special attacks for each weapon. When Brave State is active, the Brave Gauge slowly depletes over time, so you’ll need to continue attacking monsters to keep it up.


Brave Style adds some interesting features to the weapons we saw in Monster Hunter Generations. For example, while in Brave State, you’ll get to charge your Great Sword while moving. The Light Bowgun will let you shoot special bullets while moving, and the Hammer will let you charge for an extra powerful attack or more for an even more super powerful attack.


The new style is called “Renkin Style.” While we don’t know much else other than how it involves using a barrel of some sort, we’ll get more details on it in the near future. The Meowstress’ younger sister will also make an appearance in Monster Hunter XX.


Here are some additional details provided in this week’s issue of Famitsu:


  • Monster Hunter XX’s director is Daisuke Ichihara and the main planner is Takurou Hiraoka. Both of them were planners for Monster Hunter Generations. They’ll both carry on the concept the previous director had for the game.


  • The reason the “G” wasn’t added to the title is because “X/Cross” is a special letter for them. Since it’s a special title, they wanted to give it a special name.


  • Barufaruku/Balfark is an Ancient Dragon-type that is found in extremely high altitudes. It is said to have some unimaginable elements going on with the monster.


  • Balfark and Ouma Diablos will both play roles in the main story.


  • The concept behind Brave Style is to offer something for players that want to have a sharper (as in precise) way to hunt.


  • Brave Style is geared more for veteran players, and it’ll be different from what we had in Adept Style.


  • Renkin Style will be something for those who want to have fun and enjoy hunting with friends.


  • Capcom has plenty more content in store for Monster Hunter XX, which has yet to be revealed.


Monster Hunter XX releases in Japan on March 18, 2017 for Nintendo 3DS. It’ll go for 5,800 yen, and its development is currently at 70% complete.

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