Monster Sanctuary Has Players Collect Monsters For Unique Battle Parties


Monster Sanctuary will have players gathering their own crew of unique monsters, using them in turn-based battles as they explore a sprawling world.


An array of monsters are available to hatch through rare monster egg drops in combat, giving players an ever-growing crew of creatures to use in turn-based battles. Each of these monsters has an array of active and passive skills they can learn, allowing players to specialize them as they see fit. Whether for healing, buffing, damage output, or for skills needed to progress in the field, players can create a special team based on their combat needs in a given area.

Players who create powerful teams will get even better rewards in Monster Sanctuary, as better rewards are given out the faster a player can finish a fight. This is made easier by the game’s combo system, which increases damage done by each hit done during a single combat turn, encouraging players to hit foes as many times as possible in a hurry.


A demo for Monster Sanctuary is available now on Steam.

Alistair Wong
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