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Monster Strike For 3DS Will Be A Full-Fledged Game With Tons Of Extras



We previously reported that Monster Strike, another one of Japan’s biggest franchises is being turned into a 3DS game. The game’s producer Kouki Kimura revealed more details on the upcoming title in an interview featured in this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine.


As far as play volume goes, Kimura says that Monster Strike on 3DS will be about the same as a full-fledged RPG. They’re currently planning something that players will get to enjoy after clearing the game. And no, there won’t be any kind of cash shop system like the smartphone version.


When asked about how the story will advance in the 3DS game, Kimura says it’s still a secret, but it’ll feature the world and characters shown in the anime. However, the anime is aimed towards boys in middle school, but they’re currently making the game be enjoyable by even kids younger than that.


As far as connectivity goes, Monster Strike on 3DS will feature a local play mode that will allow you to play with nearby friends, and there will also be some sort of StreetPass feature.


Producer Kimura says that monsters from the app version of Monster Strike will appear in the 3DS game, but there will also be plenty of original elements implemented as well.


Monster Strike will release in 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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