Monster Strike Gundam Crossover Adds Amuro and Suletta

Monster Strike Gundam

Mobile game Monster Strike is getting a new Gundam crossover event. It is one that’ll add characters from the first Gundam show, as well as the most recent one.

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The new Monster Strike Gundam crossover will be led by two new roster additions. From the original Mobile Suit Gundam, Amuro Ray and the RX-78-2 Gundam will appear as a six-star unit. The unit is a light element character. In the unit art, Amuro is dressed in his Earth Federation forces uniform, while the Gundam wields a beam rifle.

Meanwhile, participants will be able to gain a free unit from Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury. Suletta Mercury and her mobile suit, Gundam Aerial. Suletta and Aerial will be available through the event’s login promotion. Participants that log in each day of the event for a given period will receive the new unit as a reward. Suletta is dressed in the Asticassia School of Technology uniform (in the Holder’s colors), while Aerial displays its bit-staves in their shield configuration.

Developer Mixi promised more information about the Monster Strike Gundam crossover event during a news broadcast scheduled for January 12, 2023. The teases implied that more Gundam series units would be unveiled as part of the event. They might be new playable characters, or simply referenced in-game as part of the event content.

The Monster Strike Gundam event will go live in January soon, with a date to be specified. The global edition of the game shut down in 2017, so like the recent Spy x Family crossover, the Gundam series event is effectively Japan-exclusive. Those interested can download the app for Android and iOS in Japan.

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