Monsters Hide In The Static-Distorted World Of V.H.S




V.H.S Video Horror Story is a first-person horror game with a limited viewpoint, one where players can only see the monsters or the environments, but not both, at any given time.




Players wander a strange, empty, and dark complex as something is looking for them. The main character is recording what they see through a camera, one with several different frequencies the player can switch between. One of these will let the player see the environment they’re walking around in, and the other will let them see the monster that is chasing them.


Both viewpoints create a distorted VHS tape effect, making visibility difficult as the player works to stay alive. Players will have to carefully swap frequencies as they wander the game’s location, using both sparingly to keep track of the monster while also knowing where to walk to avoid getting caught.




V.H.S Video Horror Story is available for free on

Alistair Wong
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