Monsters & Magic Of Celtic Myth Await In Tactical RPG Erin: The Last Aos Sí



Erin: The Last Aos Sí is a tactical RPG in a world built from Scottish folklore, having players use runic magic to strike down the enemies that stand between Erin and Balor, God of Blight.


In order to keep the world safe from Balor’s machinations, players will set out into the Scottish highlands, exploring a mythical version of the land in search of new magic spells and treasures of myth. Players will get to learn bits about Celtic folklore as they wander the woods and fields, picking up items and facing down creatures all created from Scottish myth.


Players will also need to learn about monster strengths and weakness when not busy learning about Scotland’s fairytales. Each monster has their own stats the player can use against them, clicking on sets of runes to cast spells that are more effective against certain creatures. Should hurting a monster not be effective, players will also be able to use charming spells to take them over onto their side, using enemies against one another.



Players who wish to learn about Celtic creatures can get Erin: The Last Aos Sí for their mobile device from the App Store or Google Play.

Alistair Wong
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