Monsters, Stories, And Spells Change By Day Or Night In Rodas Cross



Players will need to keep an eye on the time of day in GBA-styled action RPG Rodas Cross, as the game’s day/night cycle will change monster stats, available spells, and the story events that can be found.


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Rodas Cross’ Greenlight campaign offers few details on the story, but does state that the player will have multiple weapons and spells to use against their enemies, selecting them from a Secret of Mana-like item wheel for quick choices in combat. The player will also have AI-controlled allies as well, and the player can set up those AIs to make them more useful based on their own fighting style.


Rodas Cross has been designed as a GBA rom in order to keep its look, sound, and play style in keeping with the system. It will still be available on PC through Steam without use of an emulator, though.




Rodas Cross has no projected release date at this time.

Alistair Wong
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