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This Month’s DLC For Monster Hunter Generations Lets Your Felynes Dress Up Like Fox McCloud



Today is the first Friday in September, which means there is new DLC to be had in Monster Hunter Generations. This month’s DLC features a Fox McCloud-themed set for your Felyne, pirate-themed gear, a variety of challenges, and more.


Here’s a look at some of the new quests included in the DLC, along with their rewards.


Regular Quests:



Quest: (HIGH) Star Fox: Battle at Arctic Ridge

Objective: Hunt a Hyper Blangonga

Rewards: F Blaster, F Fox Set



Quest: (HIGH) Strider: Frozen Mission

Objective: Hunt a Savage Deviljho

Rewards: Hiryu Set, Light Sword Cypher




Quest: (HIGH) Jump: Boiling Magma

Objective: Hunt a Hyper Lavasioth


Pirate Set J, Buccaneer Set J

-Pirate Gunlance J
-Captain Blade J
-Pirate Sword J
-Pirate Edges J

-Pirate Axe J
-Legendary Anchor J
-Conviction Glaive J
-Pirate Cannon J




Quest: (HIGH) The Three Virtues

Objective: Hunt a Gammoth, a Malfestio and a Brachydios

Rewards: Hero’s Set

-Hero’s Sword

-Hero’s Bow



Quest: (HIGH) Frost and Fire at USJ

Objective: Hunt a Gammoth and a Glavenus

Rewards: Star Knight Set

-Star Knight Sword

-Twin Star Blades

-F Magical Set




Quest: (HIGH) Uniqlo Shock Fest

Objective: Hunt 2 Astalos

Rewards: Dynaqlo Set



Quest: (HIGH) Ushio & Tora: White Mizutsune

Objective: Hunt a Hyper Mizutsune


-Ushio’s Hair

-Spear of the Beast



Quest: (HIGH) Crows: The Black Crows

Objective: Hunt 2 Yian Garuga

Rewards: Booyah Set

-Biker Jacket

-F Booyah Set



Prowler Quests:



Quest: (LOW) Jump: Crimson Strongmen

Objective: Hunt an Iodrome and a Volvidon


F Treasure Set
-F Booty Set
-F Pirate Set
-F Buccaneer Set
-F Legendary Set
-F King Set
-F Greedy Set
-F Avaricious Set


To see the entire list of all the available free DLC, you can visit Capcom’s official blog.


Monster Hunter Generations is available for the Nintendo 3DS.

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