To The Moon Sequel Announced As Finding Paradise


Kan Gao of Freebird Games has announced the sequel to his 2011 emotional adventure game To The Moon. It’s called Finding Paradise. You can watch a music and screenshots teaser in the video above.


The plan is to get Finding Paradise out for PC by the end of 2016. However, Gao notes that it’s probably more likely to end up coming out in early 2017.

Finding Paradise Poster

As with To The Moon, Finding Paradise follows two doctors as they traverse a patient’s memories to artificially fulfill their last wish. This time, the patient is Colin, the boy who starred in the prequel-ish A Bird Story, who is now all grown up.


“As with all the episodes in the series, it features a main plotline revolving around the patient’s life story, as well as an over-arching plot involving the doctors themselves,” writes Gao. “Like the storytelling in each episode themselves, the player doesn’t have to take on the games in their chronological release-order to partake in the over-arching plot.”


The first batch of screenshots from Finding Paradise can be seen below.

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Chris Priestman