Devil Survivor Overclock on the Nintendo 3DS is an enhanced remake of Atlus’ Devil Survivor on the original Nintendo DS, announced in this week’s Famitsu magazine.


It looks a little sharper and a little bigger on the Nintendo 3DS, even though the action is confined to the system’s non-3D bottom screen.


The top screen is reserved for menus and information. Famitsu point out that the increase in resolution and screen size of the bottom screen — 320 x 240 as opposed to the original DS’ 256 x 192 — means that messages and other text are now easier to read, and map width has increased. Additionally, you can now select a difficulty level to play the game on.


To recap last night’s news, Overclock also adds a new scenario taking place on the 8th day after the 7 of the original story. It also comes with 150 demons, where the original Devil Survivor only had 130. In addition, Atlus added voice-acting to the game — there are 20,000 lines of voiced dialogue.


Here’s a comparison of the two, with the original Devil Survivor on top, and Devil Survivor Overclock below it:





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