Nintendo 3DS

More Details And First Screens Of Devil Survivor Overclock


Devil Survivor Overclock on the Nintendo 3DS is an enhanced remake of Atlus’ Devil Survivor on the original Nintendo DS, announced in this week’s Famitsu magazine.


It looks a little sharper and a little bigger on the Nintendo 3DS, even though the action is confined to the system’s non-3D bottom screen.


The top screen is reserved for menus and information. Famitsu point out that the increase in resolution and screen size of the bottom screen — 320 x 240 as opposed to the original DS’ 256 x 192 — means that messages and other text are now easier to read, and map width has increased. Additionally, you can now select a difficulty level to play the game on.


To recap last night’s news, Overclock also adds a new scenario taking place on the 8th day after the 7 of the original story. It also comes with 150 demons, where the original Devil Survivor only had 130. In addition, Atlus added voice-acting to the game — there are 20,000 lines of voiced dialogue.


Here’s a comparison of the two, with the original Devil Survivor on top, and Devil Survivor Overclock below it:




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