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More FFXIV Housing Wards Planned for Patch 6.3 Update

Square Enix will continue addressing Eorzea’s housing difficulties in its new Final Fantasy XIV update by adding more homes. The FFXIV housing adjustments are planned for Patch 6.3. These will expand the pool of available housing for all players. Housing has always been a difficult issue in Final Fantasy XIV, due to its limited available supply compared with the number of players that want a place of their own.

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The FFXIV housing update scheduled to accompany Patch 6.3 will add more wards to all of the game’s residential areas. Overall six regular wards and six subdivisions will be added, totaling 1,800 new housing plots per World server.

These plots will be distributed via the lottery system implemented recently. The lottery system was introduced alongside the latest residential area, Ishgard’s Empyreum. Intended to ensure more impartial distribution of housing to players that want it, the lottery has been tweaked several times since its introduction. Currently, it runs on a cycle where players can bid for a plot over five days. After that, the winners of the lottery claim and finalize their purchase over the next four days.

Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida did not specify what the split would be for plots distributed to players and plots distributed to Free Companies (the in-game equivalent of “guilds”). He promised it would be clarified at a later date.

Final Fantasy XIV is available on PC, PS4, and PS5. Patch 6.3 lands in January 2023.

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