More Lovers, Three-Man Parties And Monster Mounts For Rune Factory 4

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Remember Rune Factory 4’s Leon? He’s another one of the bachelors in the game that’s originally a monster—a rather cool-looking one at that. Here’s what his monster form looks like:


Marvelous AQL haven’t given him a monster-name yet. He’s just called “Mysterious Monster”. Once you defeat him, he takes on his human form. Leon’s described as being a lighthearted but sensitive fellow that pays attention to other people’s needs. He also likes to tease people that are overly serious.


We also get a newly-revealed character who is not a marriage candidate—Ling Hua. She’s described as warm, gentle and affectionate. Ling Hua is blessed with good luck. Even if things take a turn for the worse, they usually end up working out in her case. It looks as though Ling Hua thinks Xiao Pai is cute. Xiao was revealed back in March. She’s the girl in red with Ling Hua, in the screenshot above.



Marvelous also confirm that you can team up with NPCs around town and take them into battle with you, for a three-man party. Another screenshot also confirms that you can do battle while on your mount (ie; the monsters you tame and ride into dungeons). However…


…this screenshot shows Nancy cutting out in the middle of battle and warping back to town, saying she has something that needs taking care of. Marvelous don’t provide any specifics as to whether there’s any way to make your party members stick it out with you. Note that Nancy isn’t a bachelorette—she’s married to Jones and they run the local clinic together.


Coming back to monsters, as in previous games, you can build a shack for raising them. Monsters like the Woolies will help you out with your farm work, while others can be used to obtain milk and eggs. You can find more monster and battle screens below:



Update: It appears as though Ling Hua isn’t a bachelorette and simply an NPC. We’ve updated the article to take this into account. Thanks for the heads up, LaLaLaSushi!


Update 2: I really wasn’t happy with the “Ling Fa” translation. It has now been changed to Ling Hua, which is likely more accurate.

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