More Pokemon Masters Gems Being Doled Out From Events And The November Rally




In October 2019, the people behind Pokemon Masters apologized for the game’s rough start and put together a roadmap that showed how things would change in the months to come. Now, the results of that planning has begun to appear with more Pokemon Masters gems being given away to players, December additions detailed, and future game plans revealed.


For example, the full amount of gem awards have been adjusted and detailed for Pokemon Masters. Story Events now offer better rewards. Beginning with Caitlin’s event, you can start earning more. In total, 900 more could be earned. Training Events also will give out more, with gems increasing by 600 as of the November 14, 2019 Ice-Type event. The November Rally login event, which began November 1, 2019, gives 4,200 gems. As a reminder, you need 3,000 gems for a full 10-character Pokemon Masters scout.


The early, mid, and late December 2019 updates were also covered in the update. First, a new event with a Sync Pair that includes a legendary Pokemon will be released. Then, Very Hard and Super Hard Supercourses will have altered rewards and Sync Pair level caps will become 120 by the middle of the month. At the end of December, a Daily Voucher program to get items, better Daily Missions, Sync Pair viewing, and Weekly Bingo Missions will be added alongside some rebalancing.


Some other adjustments and new events are planned for the future too. Pokemon Masters EX Challenges will be rebalanced. A Battle Villa mode will open in February 2020.


Pokemon Masters is available for Android and Apple iOS devices.

Jenni Lada
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