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More Star Ocean: The Divine Force Romance Would Have Been Nice

More Star Ocean: The Divine Force Romance Would Have Been Nice

Star Ocean: The Divine Force maintains many of the series’ traditions, and one of them is the return of Private Actions and character-based endings connected to them. This means if the lead character you chose, either Ray or Laeticia, gets close to another party member, you earn an ending cutscene with them. In past games, there might have been some suggestions as to possible relationships. For example, it seems probably that Claude Kenny C. Kenny and Rena Lanford in Star Ocean: The Second Story ended up together, due to descendants like Emmerson T. Kenny and Marielle L. Kenny having Rena’s blue hair. Considering the nature of game and range of the cast, I was a little disappointed that Star Ocean: The Divine Force didn’t offer more hints at romance throughout its story or endings.

Editor’s Note: There will be spoilers for Star Ocean: The Divine Force “romance” options and endings below.

In general, it seemed like the Star Ocean: The Divine Force endings didn’t seem to suggest as many relationships as in past games like The Second Story. In that installment, for example, suggested Claude and Rena become an official couple in multiple endings. The same could happen for Claude and Opera. Others suggest Rena could end up with folks like Dias or Ernest. While folks do pair up here, there aren’t the same sorts of hints at potential pairings. Especially when it comes to Laeticia.

Laeticia Star Ocean The Divine Force Romance

I suppose it is understandable for Laeticia, in a way. She’s a princess, after all. There are also suggestions throughout the story regarding her marriage. For example, Raul Lawrence suggests she marry one of his sons, offering up Ray or Antonio. There was also the possible wedding between her and Ger’rard Il Vey’l. Someone could read her interest in Ray as something more. But even in the endings with Ray, there could be more of a hint at potential platonic relationships instead. In her ending with him, it’s more that he’s coming to Aster IV to pick her up for a friendly trip to explore. Not to mention in his ending with her, his invitation to Star Resort Antenoa is more relaxed than his other character endings, even though he does take her hand.

It feels more like there’s perhaps an eventual “option” for Laeticia, but nothing quite yet. For example, during one Private Action with Albaird in Star Ocean: The Divine Force, the two joke about being close enough to be siblings and decide if she would be the older or younger sister. Their ending places the two in Larcasse, ready for a more peaceful and leisurely version of their previous journey together, with “Letty” hinting at a romantic interest in him and “Alby” getting flustered, but agreeing.

Rather, the way things do pan out romantically in Star Ocean: The Divine Force tend to favor Ray. Which, in turn, leaves his ending options feeling more in line with some past entries. With Elena, we get not only one, but two endings supporting a relationship with Ray. (Not only that, but throughout the story it seemed like Ray was constantly expressing interest over her.) His ending with her shows her noticing that he was jealous when Midas helped repair her after the encounter with Colonel Velanj, and her reassuring him, “I am, and always will be, your partner and no one else’s.“ In Laeticia’s ending with Elena, Elena is coming to her jealous over the thought Ray could be with another woman. Laeticia tells her Ray told her to let her know he just goes to Edahli to be alone for a while if she ever seemed concerned.

More Star Ocean: The Divine Force Romance Would Have Been Nice

Ray’s ending with Malkya suggests a romantic relationship as well. She refers to him as the “man one day meant to be partner to the leader of all Trathen.” She also has other women feeding him food while he relaxes, saying she needs to “train the work ethic out of him.” There’s also a rather romantic insinuation, given she tells him, “No matter what becomes of you, I shall never turn away.”

Oddly enough, the most telling Star Ocean: The Divine Force ending of all involves a possible romance between now-Lieutenant Colonel Marielle L. Kenny and Ray. Ray shows up as Verguld representative helping other developed planets with their dealings with the Federation while also working for his family’s company. While the two spend a bit of the segment talking business, Marielle hints that their paths could cross again if both keep working to climb the ranks. He says that he “could think of worse [things].” After she expresses excitement about that, they make a deal and promise. That scene closes by the camera panning down to their feet, suggesting the two are kissing.

Given how heavily it felt like Star Ocean: The Divine Force borrowed from past installments, especially The Second Story, I suppose I felt a bit let down to see so little romance once I reached most endings. I really pushed for “Letty” and “Alby” during that run-through. While their paired ending made sense, given they’d be completely readjusting to a new dynamic, a bit more would have been a nice nod. As for Ray, it seems like he’s in a much better situation and tri-Ace attempted to call back more and offer more hints at future relationships for him.

Star Ocean: The Divine Force is available on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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