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More Streets of Rage 4 DLC Is On Its Way, But Nothing Is Set in Stone

Streets of Rage 4

During a Reddit AMAStreets of Rage 4 developer Lizardcube and publisher Dotemu confirmed that additional DLC is on its way for the beat-em-up revival. That said, nothing is confirmed yet in terms of what that additional content will be, nor is there any window of release at the moment for the additional content.

Here’s the full info given out by Dotemu below:

  • The developers at Dotemu have many ideas as to what to add to the game, but nothing in particular has been decided yet. More info on “what” and “when” will be released soon, but for now they are also listening to what fans want.
  • The development team are also still working on bug fixing and online optimization, but it’s going to take some time, as it is hard to reproduce online bugs.
  • When asked whether sequels might be discussed, or whether this game is a one-off revival, Dotemu answered that for now, it will continue to develop and add content to Streets of Rage 4. That said, there are three other projects at Dotemu still unannounced, developed by other teams.
  • Sales and reviews have exceeded Dotemu’s expectations.
  • A balancing patch is currently in the works. Axel will be made stronger.

Streets of Rage 4 is available for the PlayStation 4, the Nintendo Switch, the Xbox One, and the PC. Check out our playtest of the game here.

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